Charitable Trusts & NGOs Analysis Webinar

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Date & Time: 31/05/2023 10:30 am

About this event

In this Webinar, the Speakers will discuss the following:

  1. Registration or approval based on the commencement of activities
  2. Impact of giving incomplete, false, or inaccurate information in the registration application
  3. Consequences of non-filing of application for re-registration/re-approval or renewal of registration/approval
  4. Withdrawal of retrospective benefit of exemption under Section 11/12
  5. Restriction on inter-charity donations
  6. Change in the time limit to file Form 9A, Form 10 and ITR-7
  7. Application out of corpus and loans & borrowings
  8. Impact of registration under Section 11/12 or approval/notification under Section 10(23C)/(23EC)/(46)/(46A)
  9. Key takeaways from SC ruling in the case of New Noble Educational Society [2022] 143 276 (SC)
  10. Key takeaways from SC ruling in the case of Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority [2022] 144 78 (SC)


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Shaishavi Kadakia

Partner | Legatax India
About the Speaker

BLS LLB, Solicitor (gold medallist), advises the Company on legal matters

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