Words & Phrases Referencer

About the Author

WPR is authored by R. S. Kadakia, B.Com, FCA. He was actively involved in conceptualising and creating WPR. He is in charge of updation of the product.

Annual Plan

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What it is

1.1 The Referencer is an online law lexicon containing:
  • (a) the meanings of various words, phrases and maxims;
  • (b) observations of the Courts explaining the relevant words and phrases;
  • (c) the context in which these words or phrases are used (titled as "For the purpose of");
  • (d) case and its citation;
  • (e) selected important definitions from some Indian statutes;
  • (f) observations from selected Circulars / Instructions issued by the Central Board of Direct Taxes;
  • (g) meanings from dictionaries.
1.2 The Referencer has more than 20500 words and phrases with approximately 43000 entries including more than 10500 from Supreme Court.

Benefits / Features

img Quick access to the meaning of various words or phrases
img Single point source of various cases which explain a particular word
img Usable at any web enabled place at any time
img Section reference gives idea of the context in which a particular word or phrase is explained.
img Regular updation with more words and phrases

Who may use

  • Judges
  • Tribunal members
  • Revenue / legal officials of the Government
  • Lawyers
  • Tax professionals
  • Law students